I've never been adventurous with my hair. Once in junior high I tried a bob. I've never emotionally recovered.

Twice, both after huge life events (marriage and pregnancy) I chopped enough to donate my hair. Horribly timed, hormonally fueled choices are a strength of mine I guess. Other than that, one time I got ombrรฉ. That's it. Oh and in London I accidentally got super short side bangs in a too trendy for me salon. Jesus that was traumatizing. That all sounds semi adventurous to me but as a 32 year old female that's pretty tame right? So three or four times in the last year I've seen a friend or acquaintance go really drastic with their mane and look fan-freaking-tastic. Like so fantastic it makes me afraid I could be missing my best look. I'm talking like brunette to BLONDE or like really bold bangs. They look so amazing that I like can't believe there was ever anything else. A stylist once told me that the hair color you have as a baby/toddler is your most flattering color. Idk how much truth there is to that. So last night while watching not watching the snoooooozefest that is arie, I downloaded an app to try out some virtual wigs. It was pretty entertaining but the bar was low.  Today I'm trying out a middle part which is surprisingly dramatic for someone who has gone to the side for as long as I can remember. Maybe I'll try a crazy wig next Halloween, but that's as far as it's going I think. Have you ever had hair fomo? I think what this means is I'll be 80 with purple hair, like on purpose.