Vanity shamity

I’ve recently choooosen to start working on losing some “baby weight” if you will.  When I started in October my weight was actually UP a few pounds from when I got home from the hospital. Yep. So despite my all night milk monster I wasn't on the receiving end of the miraculous breastfeeding diet. Which is fine but I just wanted to keep it real incase anyone out there was feeling lonely in that boat. My mind says I'm choosing to nurish my child and that's beautiful and selfless zen zen zen. My vanity says fuuuuuuck I hate this. That's not even what I came here to talk about though. I know we're doing a kickass job reclaiming our place in society right now but I'd like us to take one little thing from the boys club. SIZING! I'm ovah the vanity sizing. Right now I'm in between postpartum chelsea and regular chelsea therefore my closet is busting at the seams. My “true” size is today about a 4 but I currently have pants in a girls (as in made for 12 year olds) 14/16 alllllllllll the way to a womens petite 10/12 that I can fit into. That's fucking absurd. That’s like a full range of sizing categories. When and WHY did this become so complicated. Why do we not go off a system of measurements? Are we too weak to handle such honesty? No we fucking aren't because we'd be a lot stronger if we just had pants that fit ok? Ok.