Oops I did it again

I'm not a terribly indecisive person but I am a terrible overthinker. Even though the last post here was awhile ago I write allllll the time. I couldn't figure out why I was hesitating to hit publish. I think I've figured it out. At the very least part of it. is that 700 smiles is for Luca. It's my fundraising heart, change the world spot that is still very much in the front of my mind and big picture goals. However my day to day is currently more survival-esque trying to figure out what the hell I'm actually doing, what day it is, what mascara makes me look like I've slept more than 5 hours and decoding my amazon prime charges. So they just weren't meshing. I want to swear more than I ever would be willing to on something so pure and good. So in an effort to let everyone find themselves I'm going to give them some space. Try new things, see other people aka domain names. That never works in relationships but I think a little spot on the internet can. 

Speaking of a little spot on the internet, I've got a new one of those tooooooooo. It's for the ladies to have a private place to post all the sales that they want to share but don't want their spouse to see. To poll the crowd on their favorite foundation. To have the in depth analysis of last nights episode of the bachelorette that you might feel silly doing on your own page. You get the gist right? So come on over. The coffee is probably cold but it ain't decaf.