Dear 2017,

On a micro level, I really wish I could keep you. If groundhog year was a choice, I'd surely be tempted to accept the deal and choose you. You started full of nerves and anxiety. In preparation for a day of surgery that I knew I couldn't prepare for. I had never had surgery, why would my 6 month old have to face such a thing. Instead you taught me what we are capable of. You gave me such crystal clear perspective of what matters. The rest of the year I've had the opportunity to watch my child blossom. Timehop today showed me a video of Luca rolling around last year cooing and babbling. Today he runs around the house talking truly nonstop. He probably says over 200 words and is combining 2-3 word little sentences regularly. We were told to expect some minor speech delays due to surgery and all that good stuff, so I can't help but be proud! Instead this little person has such a zest for life it's like he can't even contain it. Don't worry he stillllllll doesn't sleep through the night. It's not all roses over here ๐Ÿ˜‰ Just like his daddy he likes to start his days celebrating, usually with dancing. He may not understand what it means but he sure loves the way someone's face lights up when he tells them "I love you." It's a constant reminder how easy it is to be the good. How easily you can change someone's day. How actually it isn't that hard to make the world a tiny bit better. I've never been a big fan of resolutions. I don't think we need to turn the page of a calendar to make a grand statement but if that's your thing, do it. Smile at strangers. Tell your people you love them. Enjoy where you are. Even if it's one of the hard parts, that's beautiful too. 

2017 I truly am sorry to see you go but I know that I can't even fathom what 2018 will bring.

I'll leave you with my forever favorite and ok fine, 1 resolution. In 2018 I'm just going to hit publish and get rid of the 97,000 drafts ok?