Confessions of a shopaholic

The other day I fell in love with a scarf. It just so happens it was on sale for 60% off. I mean that should have been end of story right? It's from a store I haven't shopped in yearsssssss. Amazon prime has ruined me and I pretty much refuse to pay shipping. I had to spend $75 for free shipping and I really wasn't feeling anything else. I'm not above ordering and returning but this store is only in Crossgates and that ain't happening. I have my limits small as they may be. So I let it sit in my cart. Sometimes that's enough, I almost feel like I actually bought it, ya know? I go on with my life and never think about it again. But not this time. I remembered. I wanted it. I needed it. And I finally decided screw it I love it enough to pay shipping. That's true love my friends. So I head back on over and those terrifying words appeared. *sold out.* Noooooooo.

You either get it or ya don't. But if you do, you know it's real. Retail regret. I think fewer than 5 times in my life I've missed out on something that I've really gone back and been like shit I wish I bought that. Like the yellow and cobalt silk top at marshalls over 10 years ago. Seriously. If you're still reading you get it right? In the past I was forced to search eBay but now with poshmark growing by the second I've got a new resource on my side. But it was nowhere to be found. I searched everyday. Waiting it to pop up because that's the world we live in. Everything is available if you search hard enough right? If I can't find something on the internet does it really even exist? I do not forget what it was like before this. Where social media was so not a thing yet that I had to wait till the following weekend to get on my *actual* computer to check for Albany alive to post the pictures to their *actual* website from the weekend before to catch my boyfriend cheating on me at sneaky petes. Mhmm. I mean hypothetically that's what would have happened. Mhmm.

Anyways, I was trying to grieve the loss of this beautiful scarf when my friend posted a pic of herself in it and it was physically painful. It brought me back to my search again and wouldn't ya know it was back. In all its full priced glory. You better believe I added that sucker to cart. I've never been happier to pay full price because I knew we were in this for the long haul. Along with some other random shit to get me to $75 and of course I signed up for their damn rewards program tom because god forbid I ever end up in this predicament again. No worries though, it's on it's way to me and I've been retaught a lesson in retail therapy.