Life Hacks

Eeek, it's been 3 whole months since I posted. Baaaaaaad wannabe blogger. I have written, but some of it isn't ready to be posted juuuuuust yet.

Honestly, I worry too much about writing only about pregnancy....

But for today, life hacks! These are some of my favorite things that make this craaazybusy life of ours a little bit easier.

  1. So I think most of us follow many "non people" on Facebook- companies, publications, food bloggers, Buzzfeed, etc etc. It can be tricky to try to scroll quickly through your newsfeed without getting side tracked with articles like "the 20 hottest thing under $20 on Amazon this month" or "7 second Nutella mug cake." Sooo this is where SAVE FOR LATER saves the day! If you tap that little down facing arrow at the top right of the post, you can save the post/video/picture/article. Then they are all nicely saved for you under "saved." Brilliant right? Now if you follow in my footsteps and get a little tooooo excited about this feature you may find yourself with 300 saved items to sort through by the time you remember. Then you have to go unload that important stuff onto Pinterest. Because really, you never know when you'll need that 7 second Nutella mug cake. File under things I'd like to blame on being 8 months pregnant, but that would be a lie.
  2. block-call-using-ios-7-625x625
  3.  Have you been getting crazy telemarketer calls on your cellphone these days? It seems to be the new thing and it's annoying as h-e-l-l.  Go to your call log, click that little encircled "i" and scroll down to block this caller! This may be an iphone only trick and yes they probably call you from another number but I do think it has helped get rid of some of them! 
  4. beauty-memes12
  5. There's a jar in my kitchen, a jar in my bathroom. So yes, this was one of my saved articles that it took me a little while to get to but I'm currently convinced there's nothing that coconut oil can't do  It's kind of absurd, but it's pretty much a cure all the things. It makes me want to throw out every single other thing in my bathroom. 
  6. unroll me
  7. News these days huh? I won't get political on you but I can't imagine we aren't all a little overwhelmed with it right? The Skimm is a daily email service that will give you what you need to know in a succinct, funny little scoop. So if you're somewhere in between not able to handle watching the news but not wanting to be completely uninformed, this is for you!
  8. So I saved this little gem for last. This is seriously life changing. Unroll me is a free email service that "rolls" your emails into one. When you sign up you get to go through all of the emails your are subscribed to. Yes this is a bit frightening. You can at this point flat out and easily unsubscribe from some of these. Your other choices are to roll them up into your daily email, or keep it in your inbox. Things that you want to remain very visible and their own line item, you want to keep in inbox. Your 943 store subscriptions that send you a sale everyotherday ( I'm looking at you 40% off Loft) roll that shiz up.Every morning I get ONE SINGLE EMAIL that includes all of the nonsense that would normally raise my unread emails by 50+. It takes me about 30 seconds to scroll through and see if there's anything really going down and then with just one little click they're all gone. It's magical, I swear! This is one of those few free things that I would happily pay for!

What's your favorite? What are your life hacks?! Help a sister out!