Tress talk. 

Dear dry shampoo, I don't just love you, I am in love with you and I want to shout it from the rooftops. I wonder who created you? Most likely someone who loves sleep as much as I do. 

Ladies, listen to me. If you don't have dry shampoo in your life, you're doing it wrong. Even if you think you don't have the hair to use dry shampoo, I'd beg to say you didn't try hard enough. At this point in time there's about a bazillion kinds and I'm confident that one of them works for you. It will change your life in ways not many things can, and it's worth the effort and initial investment to find the one that is for you. 


Well, because sleep. Most people I know aren't running around bragging about how much of it they get. I know there are still women out there that wash and dry and style their strands on the daily. Sweet mother of god that thought just exhausts me.

I kind of take my relationship with dry shampoo as a challenge. I mean how far can we really take it. The longer the better. 

Now granted, I don't color treat my hair so I have that on my side, but my hairdresser swears that my hair is super duper healthy because of these habits. She's the boss of this mane so that's word enough for me. 

Don't pull the trigger too soon. The longer you can go before even bringing the DS into the equation, well the longer your wash and style lasts! Read: more sleep. 

Let it sit. Don't spray and instantly style. Spray, make your coffee, do your makeup, come back and style after. Or once you're really committed, spray the night before and let it work some magic all night long. 

Of course I have some favs. 

  Psssssssst. I think this may have been my first. I can't even remember when this little gem came into my life, but you can pick her up usually at Rite Aid. I don't think I've ever found her at Target and I should write someone a letter about that. It's the least expensive one in my rotation although I'm pretty sure she started at like $1.99. Now that she's trendy it's climbing. Still, I pick up 2 bottles at a time because why else do you go to Rite Aid?

Ohhhhh.  Apparently Psssst has gotten fancy and is now in Ulta. I've never actually been, am I missing out?!  This one is from the holy grail itself, the dry bar, but you can get it at Sephora. It's a solid choice, but be warned it has a scent. It reminds me of a cologne that guys used to wear too much of in college. Not enough to deter me, but it's the only one I've found that has such a strong scent.  Oh and another necessary pick up for this mission, the dry bar shower cap. Now I would have thought all shower caps are created the same and this is ludicrous, until someone gushed about this thing the way I would about well dry shampoo or really good chocolate. So I splurged and am forever indebted to that smart chick. It's lined in terry cloth so you avoid the static, awkward aftermath that comes from a regular ol cap.  This little love came in my birchbox a couple of months back. Side note- my sissy in law gifted me a subscription last year and I have to say one of the best gifts ever. I'd probably never get it for myself, because I have to save my investment money exclusively for new dry shampoos, but every month when that box comes it's like a little birthday present again! And the boxes, so cute.  Someone needs to tell me some crafty thing to do with them because I usually can't throw them out. But anywho this is my current fav. I love love love the tint. It's a game changer. Because yes, one of the hazards of DS'ing is leaving home looking like you did some early morning biscuit making.

  Speaking of the flour look. Powder.  Messy. Oh so messy. For me this is best used on the days you pushed yourself a little too far. It really probably should have been wash day, but sleep won. So you might have to bring in the extra power of the powder. You have to bring the brush in for backup here. With most of these other guys I can often get away with a quick hand tousle. Not the dry powder guy. This is a bit of a round brush style session.

  Amika. It's good. I mean pretty good, no complaints but I think my favorite part is the bottle. Idk, nothing about this makes me afraid to run out of it but I know a lot of people who love it.

  Dry conditioner. Ok so I haven't mastered this one. I don't have particularly dry hair, again due to the DS regimin I've trained it on, so maybe this is why we aren't besties yet. Apparently Oscar Blandi and Sephora are fighting, so you can currently scoop this up at Ulta.

Did you think it was possible for someone to go on about dry shampoo for so long? Me neither, but once you come to the dark side you'll understand. Are you already a member? Don't hold out on me, tell me your faves!!