Do you hear that?

Yeah it's a million hearts breaking. It was a really tough day to be a 90's girl, ya know?

I'm sure you've heard. Derek is off the market. I'm just gonna own it, I'm super judgy about this one. To me other than being adorable, Derek Jeter defied all odds. He became extremely successful youngggg, but he didn't behave that way. He didn't go out and act like a fool. He was never caught doing something scandalous.  In fact he kept a well composed persona on and off the field the entire time. There were those rumors that he would give his lady friends a gift basket the morning after, but can you even really be mad at that if it's true? No one ever gave me a gift basket, just sayin. Of course the lucky lady is the supermodel, Hannah Davis. I'm not just being a hater but I feel like this is just too typical, which my #2 is NOT. I mean don't you picture him settling down with some elementary school teacher? I'm not just saying that cause I was one, but am I right? Derek, c'mon! Typical doesn't pinstripe suit you my friend.

Oh Hannah. DJ's obviously extremely loyal. I'm not pretending to be a baseball expert but I am pretty sure exactly no one spends their entire career with one team. Even though he won't confirm this engagement, cause that isn't his style, if this news is true I just hope my Derek can keep his ever sparkling legacy and keep her into old age. And I mean, that's a long time, she's only 25. Ok, I'm done.

Not to throw salt into your broken heart, but the one and only Nick Carter is also going to be a D-A-D. I was actually pretty sure him and his wifey were on the outs because she's gotten exactly 0% screen time on this season of DWTS but it turns out that's likely just a strategy. It's not like grown women wouldn't vote for him because he's married? That's ridiculously true.

It's ok ladies. We'll get through this. Where is Devon Sawa anyways?