School shootings. Do you know that in the rest of the world those words really don't ever appear together? That tells me something. This isn't a 2015 problem. This is an America problem. As I scrolled through FB this morning I see there was a shooting at Northern Arizona University. It makes me feel cold, but I don't even really flinch. I don't run to turn on the news or call anyone, because this happens. All.of.the.time.

I don't care to debate laws or civil rights or politics. I've never been comfortable with the thought of guns. I didn't grow up around them or with anyone that taught me about them. I have friends that have shared their experiences of growing up with guns in their house, and the lessons they were taught. I don't have to want a gun in my house to understand that some people are obviously responsible gun owners.

But then you continue to scroll and you see the little face of Caroline. Shot by her 5 year old brother. Not some maniac psychopath, her big brother, on accident with his gun. Now I only read one article on CNN but it mentioned that its not abnormal for a 5 year old in Kentucky to be given a gun. A GUN. I am not one I try really hard to not judge the way other people raise their children, but come on. Most 5 year olds can't tie their freaking shoes. I know many parents that don't even let their 5 year old play with a fake gun.  I told you I am being pumped with hormones and can't really be held responsible for anything I say but I just absolutely cannot wrap my head around this.

That's the thing about the news though. It's the opposite of how we're all running around pretending to be ok. War here. Crisis here. Shot here. Attacked here. Child abuse here. Most of the time I really can't bare to watch it. That makes me feel ignorant but it's just SO much. It doesn't take much to ignite a burning flame of passion in me and make me feel like I can change the world.

We can change the world. We HAVE to change this world, but where do we start?