throwin tangents.

Did you see the good news?

Drinking Red Wine Makes You Skinner Says Science

Now that's my kinda headline!

I mean if science says so, it's true. But it gets even better, "according to the family planning health organization" eh, what? The family planning health organization recommends wine drinking to get skinnier? They must not be very good at that family planning part. Way to go worldwideweb.

But my true gift to you today is this little gem from by current obsession Mr. Sam Hunt. My man Sam covering all sorts of classic 90's jams, saawooooooooooooon. There's even a lil Mariah in there.


Fun fact, from about age 4-14 I tried to be Mariah Carey for Halloween every.year. I think that consisted of trying to tease my hair and wearing an inappropriate black dress. So essentially I was unidentifiable.

Back to Sam, if you are local and you missed your chance at catching this hunk at Spac this summer, WHAT WERE YOU DOING?! I hope you were somewhere amazing, like Italy, cause otherwise you made a bad choice.  He made his way around and well, made some new friends. I'd like to think I was one of them as I grazed a little bicep as he passed but some brave chick went for it. Like reaaaaally went for it. See. She got herself a handful of Sam Hunt hiney. Thatta girl.


Wine, Sam, ....the only thing left to complete this Thursday is some really fabulous TV. Hello Fall television, how I missed you. There's just something about getting caught up in some great tv that really soothes my soul. Maybe it's because every show has about 97 insane things happening at once you think, my life isn't even that crazy after all. Thursday nights are really almost tooooo good. I'm mean Grey's, Scandal and HTGAWM. I usually don't even like to watch them all in one night because I just need it to last longer. I know I could should have given up on Grey's about 6 seasons ago when they sang a whole episode, but I just can't quit it. Scandal treads the line of enjoyment and ohmygod I'm scared this stuff really happens. How to Get Away with Murder may have flown under your radar before Viola's Emmy win, but if you're not in the know it's time to clear your weekend and get down to business with season uno. I promise you won't regret it.

What are YOU excited to watch?! I think I figure out how to have a comments section, so you could even tell me there. Wouldn't that be sumpthin?