Lansing Farm & Field Notes

I’m going to have a hard time putting into words how I feel about last nights experience. I can’t simply call it dinner, because it was not. But simple, it kinda was. I’m not a food blogger but I play one on yelp. Today I’m going to play one here too because I simply cannot just review this gem on Facebook. It’s not enough. I have to much to say! 

This was a yelp private event I got to attend and it all began with meeting farmer Al.Salt. Of. The. Earth. He shared some history of the farm and then set the tone for the night for me at least when responding to the question of “what is he most proud of at the farm?” His response was that they take a seed, plant it into the earth, care for it and then turn it into something that nourishes and sustains us. Deep right? It felt so fulfilling.  We then took off on a little tour of the farm where we ended up picking some berries. Yum. The farm doesn’t spray their crops. It’s all beautifully untouched magic.

Ok so now is the time that I tell you about field notes. I selfishly do not want to tell you about field notes. What they are doing is so special and so stinking delicious. Beyond delicious. Some of the best food I’ve had in my life, truly.

The setting was a few large communal tables outside with the rustic chic vibe. It felt perfect. I’m pretty sure they typically serve under the new enclosed tent they have but I was a big fan of this al fresco situation. We started with street corn. The only other time I’ve had it was at ama cocina in Albany (some of the other best food of my life and I swear to you I don’t say that lightly or often). Farmer Al hand selected each ear of corn for us just that afternoon. It doesn’t get any fresher than that. Then the field notes peeps grilled it up with some fresh homemade soft cheese creation and spices from the farm that just perfectly complemented that delicious corn. It was one of those experiences where no one could really talk, not just because they had a cob in their mouth but because the food was so good no one wanted to interrupt it.

 As the next course was being prepared I was able to pop into the farm store and get all of my produce for home. Score. I filled multiple boxes with fruits, vegetables, relishes, pasta, cider donuts and a pie for $80 something dollars. So the same thing I spend on ya know 2 things of strawberries at the supermarket.

Thennnn came a beautiful same day made sausage with focaccia bread, pickled onions peppers and pickles. There were also two house made dips. A horseradish one that I wanted to bathe in.

It a good time to mention that there was also a beer pairing from the cool folks at Chatham brewery. Ok, maybe not a good time but the time that I remembered. See, unfortunately I’m not a beer drinker. As in I can tell you that I’ve finished exactly 2 beers in my 33 years of life. So I’m won’t be able to share what pairings they gave and why and all that jazz but I can say they definitely put some serious thought into complementing the food and I did try every one and had multiple sips. So that’s something in itself really.

Ok. Next course was a fancy take on caprese. Same day picked (see a theme here?) tomatoes with a fresh made cheese and jam topping.  I’m giving it no justice because I didn’t take notes or anything but this is up there on the magical moments of the night. The jam which is something I would have never thought would taste good on a tomato was perfection. I wanted approximately 7 more platefuls.

Then dessert. I live for dessert. This wasn’t an eat in silence moment. It was the moan while eating kind. Sorry I don’t know how else to tell ya. Oh my god. Oh my god this is good. Oh my god. So this was Al’s cider donut topped with a fresh blueberry glaze. You guys there aren’t enough words for this one. I’ve had more than my share of cider donuts and this was leaps and bounds above the rest. It was so light and fluffy. I didn’t know it was possible. And that glaze. Oy. Once I rinse my horseradish bath off I’d like a blueberry glaze one.

No words.

The food was not overly complicated. Joan has crazy restraint in complementing this beautifully grown fresh food. I’m telling you right now it’s going to be difficult to get in here once everyone knows so get there!!

While I was in the farm store someone mentioned the magical fruit pies. I’m not a big fruit pie fan but I am easily convinced by a raving review. So I got the fruit of the forest which is essentially the kitchen sink. You’re not going to believe me because I’m throwing it out there so often today but BEST. PIE. OF. MY. LIFE. There’s some sort of magic potion in that crust, I don’t recall ever having one so perfectly made and whatever the forest had inside was well perfect too.


I've never been adventurous with my hair. Once in junior high I tried a bob. I've never emotionally recovered.

Twice, both after huge life events (marriage and pregnancy) I chopped enough to donate my hair. Horribly timed, hormonally fueled choices are a strength of mine I guess. Other than that, one time I got ombré. That's it. Oh and in London I accidentally got super short side bangs in a too trendy for me salon. Jesus that was traumatizing. That all sounds semi adventurous to me but as a 32 year old female that's pretty tame right? So three or four times in the last year I've seen a friend or acquaintance go really drastic with their mane and look fan-freaking-tastic. Like so fantastic it makes me afraid I could be missing my best look. I'm talking like brunette to BLONDE or like really bold bangs. They look so amazing that I like can't believe there was ever anything else. A stylist once told me that the hair color you have as a baby/toddler is your most flattering color. Idk how much truth there is to that. So last night while watching not watching the snoooooozefest that is arie, I downloaded an app to try out some virtual wigs. It was pretty entertaining but the bar was low.  Today I'm trying out a middle part which is surprisingly dramatic for someone who has gone to the side for as long as I can remember. Maybe I'll try a crazy wig next Halloween, but that's as far as it's going I think. Have you ever had hair fomo? I think what this means is I'll be 80 with purple hair, like on purpose. 

Dear 2017,

On a micro level, I really wish I could keep you. If groundhog year was a choice, I'd surely be tempted to accept the deal and choose you. You started full of nerves and anxiety. In preparation for a day of surgery that I knew I couldn't prepare for. I had never had surgery, why would my 6 month old have to face such a thing. Instead you taught me what we are capable of. You gave me such crystal clear perspective of what matters. The rest of the year I've had the opportunity to watch my child blossom. Timehop today showed me a video of Luca rolling around last year cooing and babbling. Today he runs around the house talking truly nonstop. He probably says over 200 words and is combining 2-3 word little sentences regularly. We were told to expect some minor speech delays due to surgery and all that good stuff, so I can't help but be proud! Instead this little person has such a zest for life it's like he can't even contain it. Don't worry he stillllllll doesn't sleep through the night. It's not all roses over here 😉 Just like his daddy he likes to start his days celebrating, usually with dancing. He may not understand what it means but he sure loves the way someone's face lights up when he tells them "I love you." It's a constant reminder how easy it is to be the good. How easily you can change someone's day. How actually it isn't that hard to make the world a tiny bit better. I've never been a big fan of resolutions. I don't think we need to turn the page of a calendar to make a grand statement but if that's your thing, do it. Smile at strangers. Tell your people you love them. Enjoy where you are. Even if it's one of the hard parts, that's beautiful too. 

2017 I truly am sorry to see you go but I know that I can't even fathom what 2018 will bring.

I'll leave you with my forever favorite and ok fine, 1 resolution. In 2018 I'm just going to hit publish and get rid of the 97,000 drafts ok?