700 smiles 6 month update

Sooooo I've been meaning to do an update on our journey to 700 but ya know, life? Anyways this is honestly pretty incredible so I'm not even going to pretend it's not. 700 smiles started as an idea in my head somewhere either at the end of last year or at the beginning of this one. Who knows. I like things to make sense and fit in neat little boxes as much as possible so 700 very simply came from the fact that 1 in 700 babies are born with a cleft. Luckily smile train tracks donations so I can tell you we really kicked off actual fundraising on February 21st.  Support came from exactly where I thought it would and then shockingly, beautifully, unexpectedly from so so many other places and people. I can't even type is without tearing up. I look through that donor list and cry. The happiest most grateful tears.  Ok so ready? In 6 months we raised.....  

$13,827.15 from 49 huge hearted donors

what does that mean?

55 surgeries


Fifty five you guys. 55 kiddos that are getting surgery because of you 49 amazing people. What?!

WHAAAAAT? You guys that's surgeries. I wish this wasn't about money. I wish I could hug all of these moms and dads and tell them why it's going to be ok. I wish that's what I could collect, donations of hugs. But here's the thing.  I had oh so many feelings and fears around surgery but I did not have to ever worry that we couldn't afford it. I sometimes would lay awake at night and wonder if surgery was the right thing. What if something went terribly wrong and surgery was the wrong choice. But I never had to worry if surgery was an attainable option for us. Thanks to insurance that was never a question. Not only was it not a question but surgery at the best childrens hospital in our country was covered. Honestly, almost no questions asked. Nick made me ask lots of questions because he couldn't believe it, but yes it was true. Truthfully the whole thing consumed me and again, I didn't need to worry about the cost. The weight of a mothers heart and worry is so damn heavy. There's no words. Truly. So the fact that in these short months we've taken that burden off of 55 people. I don't really think there are words for that. So I WILL stop trying!

I absolutely hate to ask for help. I know exactly where this comes from but I've psychoanalyzed myself enough in this post ok? So I'm lucky enough to know so many business bosses locally and to have a fundraiser I had to reach out to them and ask for their help and support. But I did and we've got my favorite restaurant donating 20% and over 30 fabulous auction items. So mark your calendar, fast for the day and come eat allllllll the yummy things with us ok? https://www.facebook.com/events/337330230025101









how I broke up with foundation + our first giveaway!!!

I had a baby and lowered my standards. At least partially true for sure.

I've got cranky skin. Years of inconsistent care coupled with all sorta hormone fluctuations have lead to this.

I think the secret (not secret) to good skin is being consistent with your skincare. I'm so so guilty of being like "I took off my makeup every night this week with a wipe and my skin is breaking out". Or "I went through a full cleanse twice this month and my skin doesn't look any better". Seriously, I thought that using a makeup remover "cleansing" wipe was better than nothing. It probably was better than nothing, but juuuuust barely? 

I thought since I'm giving my face a pretty serious break from makeup these days already (except mascara which makes me feel like I have a pulse) it would be a good time to commit to giving some products a serious shot. I choose the cocokind brand on a recommendation from a friend and because I can read and understand every single ingredient. Imagine that?! I'm not here to preach but your skin is your largest organ and whatever you put on it gets into your body quickly. I'm not perfect but I try to follow the 80/20 rule like everything else in my life. Plus this brand is led by a killer girl boss who is an awesome human. She's made a point numerous times to talk about the fact that no matter the success of the company she will keep these ridiculously reasonable prices because she's not trying to make bank, but make great affordable products. LOVE!


As you can see I like to go all in with a brand 👀 Since you also know I like to hold onto posts for months before actually publishing, this collection has gotten even larger. They just launched a makeup line. I've got the whole thing but it deserves it's own post. Check back in about a year or if you're really interested just tell me to freakin post it!

Ok so it's been over 6 months and I have to tell you I have seen a huuuuuge difference. Now against the scientist in me I changed two variables at the same time. I started using new products AND I did it consistently. I'm sure both had an impact but I have no way to tell which was greater. 

But I can tell you this, my skin is thankful and it's showing me so! The other day I got dressed and did my makeup ready to go out the door in 2 minutes. Did you read that? Got dressed AND did my makeup. This was the result. I'm only posting this so you know I'm not full of shit? Everyone's skin is different but I love when my friends tell me what's working for them!


Where the hell are you supposed to look when taking such a picture?! I sat right in my window so you could see in natural unfiltered light. Wet hair, mismatched top straps, mascara, sweep of highlighter, dot of concealer on chin and out the door! Forgive my never ending attempt at growing out my eyebrows. #90sgirlproblems

Ok so the giveaway part!

One of you is going to receive the cocokind travel kit. This includes my #1 favorite product the rose water toner. It seriously gives life. It smells so amazing and just feels so reinvigorating! SO GOOD. SO SO SO SO GOOD. It also has the facial repair serum and coconut oil lip balm. 

How to enter - now through midnight 8/27!

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Also, if you want to grab the tumeric stick and any toner (GO ROSE! although shhh I own both) use code TURMERICANDTONEfor 20% off. If you've got cranky skin like me you are going to die over the tumeric stick. It's gentle and it works. Like whaaaat? Why did it take till 2017 for someone to figure this out?

Also also, this is not sponsored by cocokind I'm just a big ol' fan and want to share some love to thank you for sharing some love!


Source: www.cocokind.com

Oops I did it again

I'm not a terribly indecisive person but I am a terrible overthinker. Even though the last post here was awhile ago I write allllll the time. I couldn't figure out why I was hesitating to hit publish. I think I've figured it out. At the very least part of it. is that 700 smiles is for Luca. It's my fundraising heart, change the world spot that is still very much in the front of my mind and big picture goals. However my day to day is currently more survival-esque trying to figure out what the hell I'm actually doing, what day it is, what mascara makes me look like I've slept more than 5 hours and decoding my amazon prime charges. So they just weren't meshing. I want to swear more than I ever would be willing to on something so pure and good. So in an effort to let everyone find themselves I'm going to give them some space. Try new things, see other people aka domain names. That never works in relationships but I think a little spot on the internet can. 

Speaking of a little spot on the internet, I've got a new one of those tooooooooo. It's for the ladies to have a private place to post all the sales that they want to share but don't want their spouse to see. To poll the crowd on their favorite foundation. To have the in depth analysis of last nights episode of the bachelorette that you might feel silly doing on your own page. You get the gist right? So come on over. The coffee is probably cold but it ain't decaf.